Drug Offences

There are many serious drug offences. They include cultivating, manufacturing, producing, storing, supplying, importing and exporting illegal drugs, or conspiracy to do any of these.

Those convicted of the most serious drugs offences can face life imprisonment and unlimited fines. They are also likely to be face confiscation proceedings under the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 for the recovery of any benefit they are seen to have gained from their activities.

In addition, those under investigation for, or charged with serious drugs offences, may find themselves subject to orders to produce or disclose information and orders restraining their freedom to use or dispose of assets. These orders may have a serious impact on their family and businesses.

Our specialist lawyers have extensive experience of defending the most serious drugs offences including cases involving alleged participation in gangs or organised crime groups and cases involving £multi-million importations.

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The serious consequences of a drug trafficking conviction mean you need expert advice from the moment you are concerned that the police may show an interest in you.

Our extensive experience of defending serious drugs cases means that we are in the best possible position to advise you from the outset of the police investigation. Early advice may have a major impact on the outcome of the case as it enables us to identify and address weaknesses in the prosecution case and to give the best possible advice for your defence. In some cases, it may provide opportunities to have charges dropped or significantly reduced.

A selection of our serious drugs cases

R v P

[Manchester CC]:

P was charged with conspiracy to supply Class A drugs. The case involved a large-scale conspiracy involving organised crime groups based in the Greater Manchester and Birmingham areas.

R v J

[St Albans CC]:

J was charged with conspiracy to supply Class A drugs for his role in a national drugs conspiracy. J was alleged to be a wholesaler in the Sheffield area using drugs sourced from Luton.

R v H

[Birmingham CC]:

H was charged with conspiracy to supply Class A drugs as part of a large national operation involving Class A and Class B drugs.

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March 2024

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