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Why EncroChat features in so many serious criminal cases

EncroChat was a European network which provided users of EncroChat with a way to make and send encrypted calls and messages. Its privacy and security features made it an attractive way for those involved in criminal activities to communicate with each other. This all changed in 2020 when EncroChat devices were compromised because of actions taken by a number of law enforcement agencies.

There has since been a substantial number of prosecutions involving EncroChat evidence in the UK and abroad. The cases often involve serious offences such as drug importation and supply, people trafficking, firearms offences and threats to life. Although the Court of Appeal has ruled that the data obtained is admissible, there are still ongoing challenges in relation to whether the Court of Appeal was correct in arriving at this decision. Requests for the delivery of infected devices for scrutiny by defence experts have been made to the prosecution in order to find out whether the conclusions reached were correct.

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Defences in EncroChat cases

To some extent, the defences available to a defendant in cases featuring EncroChat are the same as the defences available for any other criminal offence and will depend largely on the facts of the case. However, there are other important issues which should be considered by the defence team where EncroChat evidence is involved such as attribution and reliability.

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The commonly held belief that EncroChat evidence cannot be challenged is wrong. With our extensive knowledge and experience in this area, we can advise you how best to approach EncroChat evidence and how it can be challenged.

A selection of our EncroChat cases

R v C

[Manchester CC]:

Our client was charged with the supply of more than 100 kilograms of Class A drugs, money laundering offences and the possession and supply of firearms and ammunition. The charges were brought following a covert police operation. This is a complex investigation into the activities of an alleged Manchester-based organised crime group (OCG). Material disclosed to date includes evidence obtained by various investigatory tactics including covert surveillance, forensics and telecommunication data analysis derived following the interception of EncroChat phones.

R v M

[Reading CC]:

Our client and others were charged with conspiracy to import large quantities of Class A and B drugs from OCGs into the UK. The drugs were allegedly exchanged for cash or bitcoin, taken to drug houses and adulterated for onward sale to purchasers from dark web marketplaces and other OCGs for their supply chains. The prosecution says that the group ran a sophisticated operation involving the use of ‘smokescreen’ tactics to avoid detection. These included EncroChat phones, Protonmail and dark web orders. Evidence suggests that the value of sales exceeded £1m.

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