Appeals and CCRC

R v B

A G’s Reference that sentence was too lenient. M B had been found in possession of 13 kilos of Heroin. Pleaded guilty. Received a sentence of under 4 years. Further, nominal Order made under POCA. Successfully defended sentence and POCA Order.

R v B

Was convicted of wounding a man who had been chased into his own house and stabbed. The injured party had been wrongly identified by the assailant.

We successfully applied to the CCRC and the conviction was quashed by the court of appeal.

R v A

Importation of cocaine into the UK. Allegations were made that intercept material allegedly from Columbia had in fact been obtained elsewhere. Substantial issues regarding lack of disclosure resulted in the conviction being quashed.

NOTE: In relation to both these cases, Special Counsel were instructed to oversee the disclosure matters and to review public interest immunity hearings.

R v W

A G’s Reference that the sentence received by W was too lenient. W had played a part in the murder of female jockey, however, he had pleaded guilty to a robbery. Successfully defended sentence.

R v F

It was alleged that paintings worth £20 million came from an aggravated burglary in the early 1980s. F alleged that the paintings never formed part of the burglary and the police had stolen them from him.

R v K

The case, which involved police officer jurors, was a referral from the European Court of Justice. The CCRC agreed the conviction was unsafe.

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