R v K

A drug dealer involved in an importation network arranging for £150 million worth of various drugs to arrive in the UK was arrested after nearly ten years on the run in Spain and extradited to England.

R v C

During the 1998 World Cup in France, C was arrested for organising football violence and extradited to England.

R v P

A Spanish national arrested in Holland for organising heroin importations into the UK was extradited to England.

R v K

A substantial Ponzi scheme set up by K resulted in the defrauding of individuals in Switzerland and Austria. The Austrian government sought extradition for prosecution.

R v Q

A UK national alleged to have orchestrated murder in Norway over Skype was sought by the Norwegian authorities to be tried there.

R v W

A UK national was extradited after fleeing from Holland following a gangland murder.

R v C

The case of a UK national wanted for cross-border drugs trafficking in France, Germany and Spain involved contested extraditions in relation to these destinations, determining which country took precedence over the others and whether, once extradited to one country, he would need to return to the UK before extradited to any others.

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