Money Laundering

Money laundering involves feeding money produced by crime into banking and financial services systems, to make it appear “clean” and harder for the authorities to trace and seize.

Our money laundering offence solicitors are experts in handling money laundering cases. We have over 30 years’ experience of advising and representing clients charged with all types of money laundering offences including complex cases involving very high values.

What is money laundering?

Broadly speaking, money laundering involves or relates to the ‘cleaning’ of money or other assets produced by crime through banking or other financial service systems.

Under the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 (POCA), it is an offence to be involved in an arrangement relating to the following:

  • the acquisition of ‘criminal property’
  • the retention of ‘criminal property’
  • the control of ‘criminal property’
  • the use of ‘criminal property’
  • the concealment or disguise of ‘criminal property’

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What is ‘criminal property’?

POCA defines ‘criminal property’ as property which the alleged offender knows (or suspects) to be the benefit of criminal conduct. Money laundering allegations are often connected to cases involving drugs, firearms, human trafficking, and many types of fraud.

While not all money laundering allegations involve complex overseas transactions, many do. These cases are likely to follow a lengthy investigation process. This will be a stressful time and create real problems for those under investigation and their family or business. These difficulties will be aggravated where there is a restraint order ‘freezing’ funds or other assets during a criminal investigation and/or subsequent criminal proceedings (as is often the case).

Tough anti-money laundering legislation is complex and far reaching. Stringent rules mean that it is easy for unwitting individuals and professionals such as solicitors, accountants, estate agents and financial advisors to inadvertently fall foul of the law. We regularly instruct forensic accountants and other experts to rigorously analyse the evidence and challenge the prosecution’s case.


Sentences for those convicted of money laundering include a custodial sentence (up to 14 years), a substantial fine or both. It is also likely that the proceeds will also be subject to confiscation proceedings under POCA.

If you are being investigated or prosecuted for money laundering charges, it is very important to obtain specialist legal advice from the earliest possible stage from someone experienced in money laundering cases.

Our money laundering offence solicitors can provide expert legal advice and representation. Call us in confidence now on 0121 6056000 or email us at

A selection of our money laundering cases

R v W

The tragedy of the Morecombe Bay cockleshell pickers revealed the exploitation by Chinese gangmasters of Chinese immigrants in the UK. Money made by the gangmasters was laundered through the defendants’ accounts and returned to China via banks in Hong Kong.

R v S

A multi-handed bank fraud was carried out over a Bank Holiday, when a flaw in the banking system was discovered. Substantial funds were withdrawn and used to purchase Ferraris.

R v M

The defendant was arrested while driving towards London. When his vehicle was searched, more than £150,000 in cash was found. Police discovered that the money was linked to the supply of drugs in the Birmingham area and was being taken to London to be laundered.

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