Firearms Offences

R v B

[Worcester CC]:

B was charged with conspiracy to supply Class A drugs and possession of firearms. The Judge described B as a self-appointed enforcer who was seeking to get a hold of heavy firearms such as AK47s and Uzis.

R v F

[Liverpool CC]:

F was charged with conspiracy to cause GBH and possession of firearms with intent to endanger life. He was alleged to be a member of an organised crime group which received instructions from overseas to carry out simultaneous assassinations in the Merseyside area.

R v BN

[Nottingham CC]:

The defendants were charged with possession of a firearm with intent to endanger life. The background featured rival gangs involved in ‘tit for tat’ attacks. The defendants in this matter were involved in an indiscriminate drive-by shooting into a house. After a fully contested hearing, our client was acquitted of the charge.

R v A:

A was associated with a Lithuanian gang, which arranged for decommissioned Soviet arms to be supplied into the UK and to criminal gangs here. Police carried out a substantial covert operation, resulting in the seizure of 59 Baikal handguns. Following arrests, in the case, the number of shootings and murders within the designated areas substantially fell.

R v P

After P’s arrest following a substantial manhunt, found in P’s possession was a MAC 10 submachine gun, along with other handguns and numerous bullets for onward supply. It was believed these were being used to supply Yardie gangs seeking to infiltrate UK cities.

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